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A Note From the Secretary - A Few Tips on Entry Forms

12 Sep 2015 10:00 PM | CoWN Marketing (Administrator)

It's no lie when we say CoWN is growing! Our shows are getting bigger and because of that, there's a lot more entries to deal with. There are a few things you can do to make sure the entry process is as simple as possible and the show secretary's job isn't any harder than it already is. 

Most of the entry forms are in PDF format which requires you to print and hand write them. 
When you submit entry forms, be sure to print clearly to ensure legibility. You could also try a handy PDF editing software like PDFescape. It's totally free!

Make sure that your entry forms are completely filled out. Names, organizations numbers, and contact information are pretty important. If you don't include contact information, we can't contact you if there's an issue with your entry or even if there's a show cancellation! If you need your organization numbers, check out the member resources on the CoWN website here

Although we all have cell phones, taking a picture of your entry isn't an acceptable format to submit. If you don't have a scanner and have to use your phone, try using a photo to PDF converter like CamScanner. It's also totally free, available for iPhone, Android, iPad, and even Windows 8! It will take your poorly lighted photo and reshape and brighten it into a clearer and crisp PDF! Pretty handy.

One last thing... if you enter a show and don't show or cancel, you are still required to pay your  cattle and office fees. If you don't pay these fees, you may be blocked from entering any future shows until your outstanding balance is resolved. If you have to cancel due to lameness, make sure you have a note from your veterinarian and work with the show secretary on entry fees. 

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