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My CoWN Point's Don't Match My ASHA Points - Why the Heck Not?

11 Aug 2015 11:00 PM | CoWN Marketing (Administrator)

For the majority of us, tracking points is relatively straight forward... that's assuming you actually understand how to track points which, we all know is a feat in itself. If you do know, you can usually figure out where you stand at a show, in CoWN standings, in the regional standings, and in the national standings. But for those of us showing in certain divisions, tracking points can be a bit more complicated.
Currently, our parent organization, ASHA, only recognizes the primary divisions of Open, Non-Pro, Limited Non-Pro, Novice, Green Horse, and Youth. As an affiliate of ASHA , CoWN must always offer these divisions. However, CoWN also reserves the right to break these divisions out further, even though ASHA won’t recognize the secondary division. For divisions recognized by CoWN but not by our national organization, ASHA, your standings with CoWN won't match your national standings.
The divisions that currently fall under these circumstances are the Green Horse and Youth divisions. CoWN has split the Green Horse and Youth divisions out further into rider classifications, to make it more equitable for the horse and riders. Green Horse is split into open and non-pro divisions, so that non-professionals don't have to compete directly against professionals. Youth is split between 13 year olds and under and 14 to 18 year olds, so that younger youth do not have to compete directly against the older youth.
Unfortunately for riders in these divisions, because ASHA does not yet recognize the split between rider classifications, all riders competing in these divisions are grouped into their primary division for point tracking purposes. That means that all riders competing in the Green Horse, both non-pro and open, are grouped together for point calculation under ASHA. All riders competing in the youth, both 13 and under and 14 to 18 are also grouped together for point calculation under ASHA. 
Fortunately, what this does mean for riders in these divisions is that even if you aren’t sitting where you might want to be under ASHA due to being grouped with all other riders in the Green Horse or Youth division, you could be sitting pretty well with CoWN! So even if you’re not champion in the nation, you could still be champion with CoWN. And even if you’re neither… you’re still champion in our hearts!
If you’re still not quite sure why your national or regional standing differs from your CoWN standing, let us know, refer to your ASHA and CoWN handbooks, or discuss with one of your board members.

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