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Cross Entering - Can You Do It?

3 Jul 2015 2:00 PM | CoWN Marketing (Administrator)

A lot of you may have seen a cohort in your division showing in classes in another division and wondered, "Is that allowed?" The answer is yes, as long as that person is maintaining their status declaration as either a professional or non-professional.

Professional riders are considered such if they receive any remuneration for equine related training activities such as riding or training horses for payment, giving clinics, showing horses, or teaching lessons. Non-professional (non-pro) riders are considered such if they do not receive any remuneration for equine related training activities such as these. Refer to the ASHA handbook if you need more details on eligibility status.

What you really need to know is that ASHA states that the Open Division is “open to any professional or non-professional member, in good standing, with any horse regardless of past winnings”. This is the only division that professional riders are able to show in however; anyone else can also show in the Open Division as well.

The Non-Pro and Limited Non-Pro Divisions are open to any rider that meets the non-professional eligibility requirements. Non-Pro and Limited Non-Pro riders are allowed to show in either class as well as the Open Division. ASHA states “exhibitors may also show in the Open or Non-Pro divisions without losing their eligibility in the Limited Non-Pro division”.

The Novice Division eligibility requirements are a bit more complex but all riders are required to maintain non-professional status. Novice riders are allowed to cross enter into any other division including Open, Non-Pro, and Limited Non-Pro Divisions as long as they maintain their eligibility requirements based on the ASHA handbook. An important thing to note for Novice riders is that the ASHA handbook also states that “if a rider’s eligibility is in question, they must attend an ASHA clinic to be assessed by an ASHA Approved Clinician and the Event Manager in all four classes”.

So the short and skinny is that if you’re a non-professional, you can cross-enter! It’s a great way to practice those right spins in your reining, dragging the log, or your downward transitions before you compete against in your division for all around points. Even if you’re not competitive in the division you cross-entered to, it may help take the nerves of you or your horse or point out areas to focus on when you show in your all-around division. Also, if you show more than three times in one class at a CoWN approved show, you earn points towards end of year awards for that class. 

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